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When it comes time to move from one New York residence to a new one you should take note of some expert advice in order to facilitate your move in a more stress free and easy fashion.

Be sure that when the move takes place that you have told the movers or your friends that are helping you what items you want moved on to the truck and what should not be moved.

If you are putting anything in to a storage facility you will want to make sure that these objects are separated and make it clear where they are to go.

If you have any area rugs you will want to load these last as they will need to be unrolled on an uncluttered floor and before any boxes and furnishings have been moved in.

Empty the contents of your refrigerator and make sure to donate any unused food to a local New York charity. Food left behind can go bad fast and for longer moves in the heat you will not want to arrive at your new home only to be greeted by the rank smell of spoiled food.

When you are moving art, large wall mirrors and pictures make these the last objects to be moved in. With their design and shape they are easily knocked over and causing chips, dings and breakage. Be careful with these items and make sure they are not moved without the appropriate packing materials.

Stay alert for any damage that can occur with the legs of chairs and tables, especially if there are already some issues with your furniture. If it is at all possible for you to disassemble the legs from your tables and chairs this can save you quite a bit of trouble should the legs of any of these buckle and break during the move.

Make sure that anyone performing the move with you-friends, family or a New York movers company- are alerted to all fragile items. These must be watched and cared for in order to maintain their use.

Take cushions and pillows off couches and wrap them in plastic bags to keep them from getting dirty, stained or soiled should they fall in the process of your move.

Do not let anything heavy rest against or on your couches and chairs, especially ones that have fine fabric such as velvet. This can cause the fabric to stretch and tear resulting in the furniture needing repair or being ruined.

Make sure all of your boxes are packed tight but not too high. If boxes are over stuffed they can open mid-move and let the contents spill out.

Dishes, especially glassware, should be wrapped in newspaper to absorb any shock or movement.

After everything has been loaded, perform a last check to be sure that nothing has been missed.

By sticking with these easy to follow suggestions your move should move along without a hitch and be over before you know it. Your belongings depend on your attention to detail in every move!

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